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September 11, 2001

Matthew Continetti, witness to history
Sep 12, 2011

Mike was from Ohio and rowed crew. Andrew was from China and spoke little English. Jeremy, from Long Island, arrived on campus with a pet snake. Jacob was interested in architecture. Amy had cheerful eyes and long black hair.

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The End of the New Deal Order

It won’t win the future.
Sep 05, 2011

The reporter went to the City of Light in the summer of 1925. He found himself in the capital of a nation at the height of its military, economic, and cultural power. The continental empires that had been threats to France—Germany, the Hapsburgs, Russia—were smoldering wrecks. France’s economy seemed to have recovered from the destruction of the First World War. Modern culture flourished in the city.

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President Obama's Summer Reading

Which book do you think the president will take to Martha's Vineyard?
4:27 PM, Aug 16, 2011

Sure, the eurozone is collapsing, the economy is headed toward recession, the Middle East is in flames, and the GOP race has finally begun. But what I really want to know is which piece of pretentious literary fiction President Obama will read on vacation this year.

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The Great Dissuader

Aug 08, 2011

The talks were going nowhere. It was July 13, the fifth straight day of negotiations between President Obama and congressional leaders over an agreement to increase the debt ceiling. The hour was late when House majority leader Eric Cantor repeated the Republican preference for a short-term increase. But the president wasn’t having it. “Eric, don’t call my bluff,” Obama said. “I’m going to the American people on this.”

Well, bluff called.

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Quote of the Day (So Far!)

Jonah Goldberg on Obama's 'Towering Inferno'
9:23 AM, Jul 27, 2011

This classic Jonah Goldberg post needs no introduction. My favorite part:

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In Praise of the Boehner Plan

The speaker charts a path out of the wilderness.
12:45 PM, Jul 26, 2011

No thanks to President Obama, Speaker of the House John Boehner seems to have come up with a plan that will avoid a government shutdown and possible default, cut spending, and not increase taxes. Some details are here.

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Read George Will on the Debt Fight

You won't be disappointed.
12:15 PM, Jul 21, 2011

A friend alerted me to George Will's latest column on the debt ceiling fight. You won't be surprised to learn that I agree with every single word, including pronouns and transitive verbs. Here's the gist:

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Say No to the Gang of Six

Budget expert Keith Hennessey explains why.
10:02 AM, Jul 21, 2011

Stand still in Washington these days and you're likely to be hit by a deficit reduction plan.

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Fuzzy Deficit Math

Budget wonk Keith Hennessey to the rescue!
9:34 AM, Jul 08, 2011

Quick, go and read super-wonk Keith Hennessey's dissection of the fuzzy math surrounding a possible budget deal. The numbers being tossed off are staggering: $4 trillion in savings over 10 (or is it 12?) years, $2 trillion over 10 years, etc. But what are these "savings" being measured against? Hennessey writes:

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Queen of the Tea Party

The presidential campaign of Michele Bachmann
Jul 04, 2011

If she’d fallen backward, she’d have been killed. It was September 2009, during her second term in Congress, and a magazine had sent a photographer to shoot Michele Bachmann. He escorted her to the third floor rotunda in the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill, where he positioned a large orange crate next to the balustrade. He told her to stand on it. She reluctantly obliged. Behind her were three stories of empty air.

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Mourning in America

Jun 27, 2011

Trying to stay upbeat? Avoid the business section. Unemployment stands at 9.1 percent. Growth is narcoleptic. The housing market hasn’t hit bottom. Fears of a Greek default are roiling markets. The deficit is running more than a trillion dollars for the third year in a row and won’t be shrinking anytime soon. A U.S. fiscal crisis may be only a few years (or months) away. President Obama, meanwhile, seems to think our problems would be solved if only we banned ATMs and built solar-powered bullet trains.

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Michele Bachmann on Afghanistan

The Minnesota congresswoman says to stay the course.
8:42 AM, Jun 22, 2011

In a speech tonight, President Obama is expected to announce the staggered withdrawal, over the course of the next year, of the surge troops in Afghanistan. Don't expect Minnesota congresswoman and 2012 presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to praise his decision. Here's what Bachmann had to say on Afghanistan during a recent interview with me:

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Rand Paul’s Balancing Act

The new senator from Kentucky is not his father’s clone—or is he?
May 30, 2011

I was interviewing Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky on February 17, in his temporary office in the Russell building on Capitol Hill, when his chief of staff Doug Stafford entered the room.

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Birther of a Campaign

The Donald takes New Hampshire.
May 09, 2011

Portsmouth, N.H.

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The Teach-In Lives!

Cornel West, Frances Fox Piven, and the ‘Tree of Corporate Destruction’
Apr 18, 2011

On the day Paul Ryan released his budget proposal, I went to Judson Memorial Church in New York City to gauge the left’s reaction. Judson Memorial was hosting “Fight Back USA,” where one could get tips on “fighting austerity, debt, and corporate greed” and listen to progressive superstars Frances Fox Piven, Cornel West, and Jeffrey Sachs. “ ’60s-style Teach-In Meets the Digital Age in Live Stream Webcast,” said the press release. A friendly aide told me that students at more than 200 schools were watching online.

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Donald Kagan Says to Bring Back ROTC

The famed historian speaks out.
12:30 PM, Apr 12, 2011

Donald Kagan has a great piece in the New Haven Register on why Yale (and other schools) should bring ROTC back to campus. The piece has a particularly moving passage on the heroism of the American soldier:

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Billions Now, Trillions Later

Apr 11, 2011

Conservatives are on the verge of victory—if only they can take yes for an answer. The situation on Capitol Hill is fluid, but it appears House Republicans will soon be presented with a choice: accept dramatic cuts in spending for the rest of fiscal year 2011 that, while less than the amount passed by the House in February, are about the same as Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan originally proposed—or risk a government shutdown by holding out for the maximum amount of reductions, as well as other items on the conservative wish list.

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The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics

The left’s obsession with the Koch brothers
Apr 04, 2011



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GOP Budget Cutters versus GOP Budget Reformers

Who will win?
10:53 AM, Mar 31, 2011

American Action Forum president Douglas Holtz-Eakin has a must-read post at the Corner. Holtz-Eakin asks a crucial question: Is it worth risking political capital in a righteous stand over budget cuts in the remaining months of fiscal year 2011, or is it more important to accept limited victories on cuts to discretionary spending in order to clear the field for a major debate over Medicare and Medicaid? Let him tell the rest:


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Energy in the Executive

Mar 21, 2011

Anyone who’s been to a gas station recently knows the feeling. There you are, about to refuel, when you see the price of regular gasoline: about $3.52 per gallon, up 77 cents since 2010. Your pulse quickens. Your stomach sinks. Because this is not a dream. The days of $4.00-a-gallon gas are about to return.

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Winning the Real Budget Fight

Mar 14, 2011

House Republicans scored major points last week when President Obama agreed to $4 billion in cuts for fiscal year 2011. The spending reductions were part of a stopgap continuing resolution that will fund the government through March 18. True, $4 billion may seem small when compared with a $1.5 trillion deficit, but don’t forget that these are the first real-time cuts in government spending in modern memory.

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Aardvark Liberalism

Feb 28, 2011

The unemployment rate is 9 percent and hasn’t been below that level since April 2009. The deficit, meanwhile, is projected to rise to $1.6 trillion this year. It hasn’t been below $1 trillion since 2008. More than $3 trillion has been added to the federal debt since President Obama took office on January 20, 2009. Across the country, state governments are reducing spending, renegotiating benefits, and in some cases mistakenly raising taxes and fees, in order to cope with an unprecedented fiscal crunch. In Washington, D.C., the House of Representatives has begun voting on the largest cuts in domestic discretionary spending in

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Whatever Happened to 'Responsibility to Protect'?

Another fashionable foreign policy doctrine bites the dust.
11:46 AM, Feb 23, 2011

Not so long ago, the acronym 'R2P' was all the rage in foreign policy circles.

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Gen. Keane Interview on Special Report

2:22 PM, Feb 22, 2011

Retired General Jack Keane has just returned from Afghanistan and is optimistic about the progress there:

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Third-Rail Splitters

Feb 21, 2011

Tea Partying House Republicans recently went into revolt over the largest cuts in government spending in decades. Why? Despite their size, the cuts in spending that Rep. Paul Ryan proposed for the rest of fiscal year 2011 didn’t appear to meet the Republican campaign pledge to shave $100 billion from the budget. The unexpected fury drove the GOP leadership back to the drawing board last week, where they redesigned the continuing resolution that will fund the government through October 1.

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Reagan Democrats and the Republican Future

How the GOP can build on recent gains.
11:44 AM, Feb 16, 2011

The independent-minded and always-interesting thinker John D. Mueller has a fascinating post over at The Gold Standard Now. In his study of history, Mueller has noticed that before major shifts in party alignment, large numbers of voters become "detached" from their previous affiliations and identify as independents.

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House Republican Budget Will Address Entitlements

At least one party is serious about the fiscal crisis.
3:05 PM, Feb 15, 2011

Bernanke and Ryan on the Budget and Growth

The Fed chairman speaks.
12:03 PM, Feb 09, 2011

In a hearing, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin asked Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke if he believes that one of the keys to short-term economic growth is a long-term plan to put America's fiscal policy in order. Bernanke replied, "Correct."

Watch it here:

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