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Nowhere Left to Go but Up

Reviving the California GOP.
Mar 23, 2015

Praise for the California GOP’s recent signs of life gets heaped on Chairman Jim Brulte. But to hear him tell it, the credit goes to party leaders who pitched in to walk precincts and county chairs whom he wants to empower to recruit, to fundraise, to win.

Brulte was reelected at the party’s convention at the end of February, and while it would be easy to nitpick the California GOP’s problems and the weirdness that tends to flock to conventions, the commitment to Brulte is promising.

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Beverly Hills GOP

Can Elan Carr actually win Henry Waxman’s seat?
Aug 11, 2014

Los Angeles
Republicans can’t compete in Henry Waxman’s district. Everyone knows that. Someone would have to be either stupid or crazy to try. But Elan Carr is neither stupid nor crazy, so there must be something else going on in California’s 33rd Congressional District. He actually is competing to replace the retiring Democratic icon. What’s more, he’s winning.

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