Destroying Pakistan

The curse of the blasphemy law.

Nov 3, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 08 • By FARAHNAZ ISPAHANI and NINA SHEA



Blasphemy in Pakistan

Blasphemy in Pakistan

Moderation is now a capital offense.

Jan 24, 2011, Vol. 16, No. 18

Obama's Sudan Policy Imperative

Reining in Bashir and bolstering South Sudan.

12:00 AM, Apr 2, 2009

Worldwide Hate Speech Laws?

Muslims and Christians together.

Nov 24, 2008, Vol. 14, No. 10

A Medal for Brass

A brazen publicity stunt from the House of Saud.

May 26, 2008, Vol. 13, No. 35

Teach Your Children Well

Classic anti-Semitic literature in Arab schools.

Aug 14, 2006, Vol. 11, No. 45

From Sudan to the East River

John Danforth's unsung service.

Jun 21, 2004, Vol. 9, No. 39

Europe vs. Human Rights

Why the United States got thrown off the U.N. Human Rights Commission

May 21, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 34

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