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Obama's Claim of War If Congress Rejects Iran Deal Doesn't Pass Laugh Test

3:05 PM, Jul 17, 2015

"Without a deal, the international sanctions regime will unravel with little ability to reimpose them."

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The Iran Deal, Explained

2:01 PM, Jul 15, 2015

To cut through the rhetoric surrounding the Iran deal, and to better understand what the two sides conceded and gained, I’ve compiled a balance sheet on the Iran deal. It’s simple and non-technical; a basic list comparing what the U.S.

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A Reset Button for Israel?

How the next president can restore friendly ­relations.
May 11, 2015

In the coming weeks, President Obama may announce his support for—or at least his non-objection to—a U.N. Security Council resolution defining the terms of a Palestinian state. This would represent an unprecedented break with Israel and mark the culmination of the Obama administration’s six years of confrontation with and animosity toward the Jewish state.

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The Israelis Should Have Sent Hillary a Check

10:10 AM, Apr 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton is a ferocious critic of Israeli settlements. She took point on the Obama administration's demand for a settlement freeze. She regularly berated Prime Minister Netanyahu on the subject, including an infamous, expletive-laced 45-minute phone call in 2010. She calls settlements "illegitimate" and said, "their continued expansion is corrosive not only to peace efforts and the two-state solution, but to Israel's future itself."

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Obama Makes the Case for Bombing Iran

10:12 AM, Apr 06, 2015

In the course of trying to explain to Tom Friedman why his diplomatic outreach to Iran is no threat to America or our allies, President Obama sounded for a brief moment like the kind of warmonger he is normally heard denouncing.

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Clinton’s Israel Lesson for Obama

10:01 AM, Mar 22, 2015

The prime minister of Israel delivered a speech announcing positions on the peace process and Palestinian statehood that contradicted the views of the U.S. president and the international community.

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Hillary Clinton's UN Human Rights Council Problem—and Opportunity

9:24 AM, Aug 13, 2014

The new inquisitor has just been appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to “investigate” Israel’s conduct of Operation Protective Edge, following in the footsteps of Richard Goldstone, who famously, incompetently, and unjustly “investigated” Israel's 2009 Operation Cast Lead.

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Why Did the State Department Announce a Travel Warning for Israel?

10:24 AM, Jul 22, 2014

Yesterday, moments after Secretary of State John Kerry departed for the Middle East to attempt to broker a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war, the State Department issued a 

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All The News Hamas Sees Fit to Print

5:53 PM, Jul 20, 2014

Something important is missing from the New York Times's coverage of the war in Gaza: photographs of terrorist attacks on Israel, and pictures of Hamas fighters, tunnels, weaponry, and use of human shields. 

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Bias Against Israel

7:15 PM, Jun 30, 2014

Tel Aviv
Here is what bias against Israel looks like. Three Israeli teenagers are abducted by the terrorist group Hamas, and after a desperate weeks-long search for the boys, they are finally found—dead in shallow graves near the site of the abduction. While all this is happening, Hamas instigates a new round of missile attacks from Gaza, firing 56 rockets at southern Israeli communities. The Obama administration's response? Express sympathy but call on Israel to refrain from responding.

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Hillary Rewrites Her History on Israel

6:01 AM, Jun 09, 2014

In her new book, Hillary Clinton picks out a few foreign policy topics on which she thinks it now safe, even helpful, to express disagreement with the course taken by the Obama administration. She wanted to arm and train the Syria rebels, while Obama did not. She thought it unwise to call for Hosni Mubarak to step down immediately, while Obama wanted him gone.

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Kerry: None of the UN Organizations Joined By the Palestinians are UN Organizations

9:18 AM, Apr 03, 2014

It is a cliché at this point to remark that John Kerry is operating in a fantasy world. But sometimes there is no other word to describe the enormous distance between his perception of what is happening and what is actually happening.

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Yoko Ono vs. Ayatollah Khomeini

12:46 PM, Jan 14, 2014

President Obama yesterday uttered words about Iran we know come from the heart: “What we want to do is give diplomacy a chance, and give peace a chance.”

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BuzzFeed’s New Middle East Correspondent Keeps Getting Israel Wrong

1:25 PM, Nov 29, 2013

Sheera Frenkel, Buzzfeed’s recently-hired Middle East correspondent, should know the Israel beat better than most: She reported from the country for more than seven years, speaks Hebrew fluently, and knows Israeli society intimately.

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What Does Martin Indyk Believe?

5:25 PM, Jul 30, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry added to the already ample fanfare surrounding the launch of talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators by holding a press conference yesterday to introduce his new special envoy to the peace process, Martin Indyk.

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Is Barack Obama Prejudiced Against Arabs?

4:30 PM, Jul 31, 2012

The press is having fun today amplifying the complaint of Palestinian "negotiator" Saeb Ereikat that comments Mitt Romney made in Jerusalem yesterday are "racist." What was Romney's offense? In the course of expressing amazement at Israel's economic miracle, he merely pointed out that cultural differences lead to differences in economic performance.

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What Romney Accomplished in Israel

11:30 AM, Jul 30, 2012

Last Monday, two days before Mitt Romney departed for London, Israel, and Poland, the Obama campaign held a conference call with reporters in order to frame their opponent’s trip.

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