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The Young and Restless

Senators in a hurry
Feb 15, 2016

A good-looking young senator, short on experience, is seeking the White House, after what critics say are too few years served in the job he is holding, too few accomplishments in it, and altogether too little of the experience, tempering, grooming, and seasoning they think that a president needs. He is in his early-to-mid-forties, about 10 years less than the age at which most men seek that office, and creates resentment and anger in the generation he is trying to shoulder aside. On the plus side, he is highly articulate and keenly aware of the nature of words and their power.

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Family Business

The difficulty with dynasties
Aug 17, 2015

The dynasty project is not faring well. Two relatives of three of our most recent presidents have faced early woes in their succession plans, despite layers of aides, networks of backers going back generations, and extravagant levels of cash. On June 11, a front-page story in the Washington Post described the first six months of Jeb Bush’s campaign as a “political operation going off-course, disjointed in message and approach, torn between factions and more haphazard than it appeared on the surface .  .  .

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Bring in the Tapes

8:45 AM, Aug 11, 2015

As our friend Mollie Hemingway explains in The Federalist, Marco Rubio mopped the floor with Chris Cuomo on CNN Friday morning, finally establishing that a very young human embryo, while not self-sustaining or visibly human, is in f

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Are We Better Off Now?

Looking back at the Iraq war
Jul 06, 2015

Is the world better off than it was eight years ago? 

Is the Middle East? Is Iraq? These questions, echoing the one asked by Ronald Reagan in his debate with Jimmy Carter just before the 1980 election, should be posed by all Republicans until the polls close in November 2016. Added to these are a few other things .  .  .

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Bobby Jindal, Indian Giver?

2:36 PM, Jun 24, 2015

“There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal,” goes the story in the Washington Post, casting the worst of all possible lights on the steps that the two-term governor of Louisiana and current candidate for president has taken away from his immigrant past.

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Alexander Hamilton, Poor Bastard

3:03 PM, Jun 19, 2015

Alexander Hamilton can’t get no respect. First, he gets born with at least four strikes against him---in the British West Indies, not exactly the hub of the universe; poor, illegitimate, dead-beat dad, and mother dead when he was eleven; then he blunders into the first great sex scandal of the nascent Republic; then he gets murdered at age 49, shot in a duel by the sitting vice-president, a sociopath who was running a side-line in plotting secession, creating a new state in which he’d be King.

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House of the Stacked Deck of Cards

The privilege of being Hillary Clinton
May 25, 2015

"The deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top,” Hillary Clinton has warned us, and she ought to know. Having been “at the top,” or close enough to it, since 1976, when her husband was elected attorney general of Arkansas at age 30—not the biggest job ever, but one with a whole lot of power to play with—she has leveraged every ounce that it held to bring to them ever and ever more money and power, until at this moment, 14 years after leaving the White House, she and Bill sit on a mile-high mountain of both.

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Supply and Demand

12:19 PM, Apr 02, 2015

American entrepreneurship is a wonderful thing, with its emphasis on the new and exciting, so it was no surprise that the Washington Post gave a spot on page one to a creative new enterprise: an abortion clinic that seeks to present a pleasant and even soothing experience, one that looks and behaves like a spa.

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Woman’s Day

The Democratic matriarchy
Mar 23, 2015

"A matriarchy is a social organizational form in which the mother or oldest female heads the family. .  .  .

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Democratic hero worship then and now
Nov 24, 2014

One month short of his 78th birthday, and 27 years after his self-immolation, Gary Hart has been given a present of sorts by writer Matt Bai, who in All the Truth Is Out recasts the past as Hart wants to see it, a great man brought low by a change (for the worse) in the national zeitgeist that deprived the United States of a truly great leader, and a great mind of its mission in life. 

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Nobody’s Fault

Liberals make excuses for Obama
Sep 01, 2014

All of a sudden, people have noticed that we are in trouble, and many are saying it isn’t the president’s fault. All the bad news, from Iraq to Ukraine, from Libya and Syria to the Mexican border, just seems to have happened: Obama was standing there, golfing or shaking hands with donors, and, like a burst of bad weather, the winds blew, the skies opened, and things went to hell. Mysterious forces conspired against him, terrible setbacks occurred for no reason, and we were left with effects without a cause.

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Sensing Public Shift, Hillary Gets Hawkish

6:05 AM, Aug 13, 2014

At the Washington Examiner, Noemie Emery pinpoints why Hillary Clinton is sounding so hawkish these days:

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Entitled to What?

Hillary Clinton’s long march through the institutions
Aug 04, 2014

Contrary no doubt to what she expected, Hillary Clinton has hit some serious snags in the rollout of her unannounced campaign for president. She has made Romneyesque comments about the size of her fortune, such as that she was “dead broke” when she bought her two mansions. When queried about events on her watch as secretary of state that proved embarrassing, she took responsibility without being accountable, projecting the impression that anyone who pressed further was crude.

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Hangover Blues

10:01 AM, Jun 17, 2014

The Big Hangover is a flopped ’50s film that is better forgotten, but it is the permanent state of Barack Obama, still in his bathrobe and feeling quite queasy, due to a headache called Bush.

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Jillary’s Wars

Identity politics devours its children
Jun 09, 2014

Call them Jillary: as in Jill Abramson plus Hillary Clinton, two women of an age, of a kind, and of a political genre, the reigning queens of modern identity politics, each rising high and becoming a model for generations of feminists who admired their guts and brashness and gall.

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They Had a Dream

Rule by experts comes a cropper
Jun 02, 2014

They had a dream. For almost a hundred years now, the famed academic-artistic-and-punditry industrial complex has dreamed of a government run by their kind of people (i.e., nature’s noblemen), whose intelligence, wit, and refined sensibilities would bring us a heaven on earth. Their keen intellects would cut through the clutter as mere mortals’ couldn’t. They would lift up the wretched, oppressed by cruel forces.

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A Slight Case of Bastardy

The curious and irregular conception of Obamacare
Mar 03, 2014

A number of apologists for the Obama administration declare themselves vexed at the ongoing hostility to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (which isn’t affordable, and from which many people are seeking protection), regarding resistance to its charms as a perverse and irrational gesture, uncalled for, eccentric, and strange. It’s the law of the land, they tell us, passed fair 

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The Crisis Arrives

Obama’s dubious legacy.
Nov 18, 2013

In March 2010, Barack Obama placed a giant bet on the docility and stupidity of the American people, when he decided in the face of three huge electoral warnings to force his health plan down the unwilling throats of the American people. And by November 2013, it was clear he had lost. It was not going to work. It would never be popular. And it was falling apart on its own. The website unveiled on October 1 had immediate problems, which were quickly revealed as the tip of the iceberg, as many worse things lay below.

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The Scandal Society

From Nixon and Clinton to Obama
Aug 26, 2013

Remember Black Jesus? The Lightworker? The One? The next Lincoln, the Democrats’ Reagan, the neo-FDR? He is now standing next to Tricky Dick and Slick Willie, caught in a quartet of burgeoning scandals, charged with rewriting the facts when they became inconvenient, harassing the press, and using the Internal Revenue Service to get at his enemies, subverting their rights of assembly, and speech. “Richard Milhous Obama,” writes Carl M. Cannon, and there are also Clintonian levels of cover-ups, literally in the case of Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi debacle.

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Gosnell Seeps into the News

The abortionist the media wanted to ignore is convicted of murder.
May 27, 2013

By most accounts, Kermit Gosnell seemed stunned last week when a jury found him guilty of three counts of first-degree murder in what seemed to have been his routine killings of newborn babies at his abortion clinic in Philadelphia; he thought he was doing his job. Abortion is legal and is a much-touted right. The president recently lavished praise on Planned Parenthood, a lobbyist for which had testified to Florida legislators in March that an infant born alive in the course of an abortion might be left to die anyhow. 

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The Talent Contest

What makes a political winner? Ideology and party platforms are overrated.
May 13, 2013

The GOP may have a problem, but few seem to know what it is. Such appeal as the party had, it seems to have lost. In the later-stage Cold War, between 1968 and 1989, it won five out of six presidential elections, four of them with more than 400 votes in the Electoral College.

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Terminal Dimmitude

3:05 PM, Feb 01, 2013

Vietnam veteran and ex-Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Isolation) made a stunning impression in his audition for the role of secretary of defense yesterday, though it was not quite the one that he wished. "Though he was being asked about things he had said over the course of the past 15 years, it was what Hagel said yesterday…that had his defenders reeling in shock and even his critics aghast at how poorly he handled himself," wrote John Podhoretz in the New York Post. Said Roger L. Simon, "They had to send him a note in the middle of the proceedings to remind him of the administration’s position on Iran and 'containment,' and even then [he] got it wrong."

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Grand New Party

These are not your father’s Republicans.
Jan 28, 2013

Now and Again

6:00 AM, Nov 05, 2012

They have a dream. For months now, Republicans have been nursing the hope that déjà vu may be on order, that their favorite year may be making a comeback, and that their nominee, after numerous trials, may be riding a late-breaking wave. Democrats scoff, and predict the mirage will dissipate in the night mists of November 6. There are auguries pointing in both directions. Let us look at them, and see.

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Addicted to Race

The left’s long twilight struggle against imaginary bigotry
Oct 22, 2012

Slowly but surely, the toxin of bias is being leached out of American culture, if incrementally and by degrees. A Catholic was elected president in 1960, and since then Catholic nominees and candidates have become commonplace. A Jew was nominated in 2000 for vice president, and was a help to his ticket. In 2004 and 2008 respectively, Joe Lieberman and Rudy Giuliani ran for president, and their names and religions did not become issues.

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Pathology of Power

Sally Bedell Smith and the many forms of monarchy.
Oct 08, 2012

Sally Bedell Smith has a thing for kings. Or, not kings quite so much as powerful people who form courts around themselves as a function of power or wealth.

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Where Does It End?

The illogic of Obama’s attack on Romney.
Sep 03, 2012

Boy, that Mitt Romney can screw up your life. Or possibly end it. To hear the left tell it, he is not merely a vampire and/or vulture capitalist, getting rich while leaving millions of people in misery, he is also able to give people cancer, at a distance of thousands of miles and after the passage of quite a few years. 

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An Obamacare Plan B

3:15 PM, Jun 21, 2012

In the event the Supreme Court does not put Obamacare out of our misery next week, Mitt Romney ought be ready to roll with the punches and come out at once with Plan B. Plan A was to have the Court sever it neatly with one swing of the axe, but there was always the possibility the Court would not follow the returns of the recent elections. Plan B should be the political process, which involves not the minds of nine, but the intent of millions, expressed in the usual ways. Thus, Plan B should be to elect politicians who will undo Obamacare with the tools given their branches of government.

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Mitt Romney’s Schooldays

The Washington Post invents a narrative.
May 28, 2012

There is literal truth, grounded in fact; there is poetic license, which is truth stretched a little to make it seem stronger; and then there is emotional truth, which is what some people imagine must have happened, based on their view of the world. For an example of the latter, we go to Mutual Contempt, Jeff Shesol’s book on the feud between Lyndon B. Johnson and Robert F. Kennedy, which tells of the first draft of William Manchester’s Death of a President, (recounting the murder of Bobby’s brother). 

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