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Does Harvard Hate Humanities?

No, but it doesn’t understand them.
Jul 08, 2013

Study of the humanities has never been more important to the welfare of the nation. Information whizzes by at breakneck speed. The contest between conservative and progressive visions of government’s scope and aim in a free society implicates rival understandings of human nature. The ways of life of people in far-off lands have direct impact on our prosperity and security.

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Are Universities Above the Law?

The great unscrutinized institutions of our time.
May 20, 2013

Corporate governance is a much-discussed topic, and the operation of corporations has proven a fertile field for investigative journalism. But even though many colleges and universities are multibillion-dollar-a-year operations, the subject of university governance has been largely neglected. This is unfortunate because university governance raises fascinating questions of great public interest involving the complex intersection of law, morals, and education. Nasar v. Columbia is a case in point.

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God and Man and Politics

A Christian perspective on the public square.
Jul 04, 2011

The City of Man

Religion and Politics in a New Era

by Michael Gerson & Peter Wehner

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Upon Further Review .  .  .

Judge Goldstone withdraws his charge of Israeli war crimes.
Apr 18, 2011

To the astonishment of friends and foes of Israel alike, on April 1 in the Washington Post, Justice Richard Goldstone reversed himself. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly demanded that the United Nations retract the Goldstone Report, which, following its publication in September 2009, quickly became the proof text for progressives determined to denounce Israel as an outlaw nation. Meanwhile, Goldstone’s colleagues on the U.N.

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