Philip Terzian

Literary Editor

Obama and Cuba: Right for the Wrong Reasons

2:23 PM, Dec 22, 2014 • By PHILIP TERZIAN


Famous Folks

A Voice, Not an Echo

Philip Terzian on our speech impediment

Apr 1, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 28

The Falklands: 99.8 percent say this is a herd of sheep, not un rebaño de ovejas

Stand with the Falklands

Mar 25, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 27

Donald Westlake

Say It Ain’t So, Lance

Philip Terzian, circumspect fan

Feb 11, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 21

Charles Curtis

Heap Big Irony

Philip Terzian salutes a conservative Indian

Dec 3, 2012, Vol. 18, No. 12

Washington Post HQ

Declining Kingdom, Waning Power

The Washington Post changes editors, world yawns.

Nov 26, 2012, Vol. 18, No. 11

Terzian reads at the movies.

Dim Viewer

Philip Terzian, the non-moviegoer

Oct 15, 2012, Vol. 18, No. 05

Mitt Romney, throwback.

The Anachronistic Candidate

Mitt Romney, throwback.

Sep 10, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 48

Disconnected Dots

4:21 PM, Aug 6, 2012

Newspaper boy

Ex Post Facto

Philip Terzian, former newspaperman.

Jul 23, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 42

Emily Dickinson

The Groaning Shelf

Five new titles that instruct and entertain.

Jul 2, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 40

Moral Victory for Uncommitted

A Parody.

5:17 PM, May 23, 2012

Cartoon of a man pushing a door

My Digital Age

Philip Terzian, stumped.

May 21, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 34

 Morning Jay: Obama Will Have Reelection Troubles With This Economy

Another Gutsy Call!

3:50 PM, May 9, 2012

Obama in Cairo

Obama as Enabler

The president doesn't acknowledge the Armenian genocide.

2:45 PM, Apr 24, 2012

Dick Clark

Dick Clark, 1929-2012

5:25 PM, Apr 18, 2012

Photo of Hilton Kramer

High Culture’s Paladin

Hilton Kramer, 1928-2012.

Apr 9, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 29

Cartoon of George Washington hailing a taxi

The Ghosts of Washington

Philip Terzian, ghost hunter

Mar 19, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 26

Where's the Outrage?

5:50 PM, Feb 23, 2012


Philip Terzian is literary editor of The Weekly Standard. A native of the Washington, DC, area and a journalist for over 40 years, he has been a writer and editor at Reuters, newspapers in Alabama and Kentucky, the New Republic, the Los Angeles Times, and was editorial page editor of the Providence Journal. For 20 years he wrote a political/foreign affairs column syndicated by the Scripps Howard News Service. During 1978-79 he was speechwriter for Secretary of State Cyrus Vance.

Terzian has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in commentary, Pulitzer juror, media fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, traveling fellow of the American Journalism Foundation, and is a member of the American Council on Germany. He is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, the New Criterion, the Times Literary Supplement, Sewanee Review, and other publications. In 2010 Encounter Books published his book Architects of Power: Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and the American Century.

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