Robert Bryce Articles

Cold Comfort

A scientific approach to the science of climate change
Mar 30, 2015

Among the preachers of climate apocalypse, Roger Pielke Jr. is a heretic. Pielke’s sin: refusing to fall in line and accept the claims that climate chaos is upon us and that the only solution to the pending catastrophe is to implement immediate and drastic cuts to carbon dioxide emissions in every country in the world, including the impoverished ones. 

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The ‘Clean Energy’ Stalking Horse

A carbon tax by any other name . . .
Apr 02, 2012


They’re not calling it a carbon tax or cap and trade. But make no mistake, the national “clean energy” mandate introduced earlier this month by Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) and eight cosponsors entails both a tax and a trading measure.

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