Stephen Moore Articles

Beyond Bailout Nation

Republicans need something to say about 2008.
Oct 26, 2015

After the Great Depression, Democrats ran against Herbert Hoover for 30 years—and with great success. Even though Hoover’s policies were anything but market-oriented—he greatly raised spending, taxes, and tariffs in response to the 1929 Wall Street crash—Republicans took the fall for Hooverism. It wasn’t until Ronald Reagan that free markets were fully politically rehabilitated.

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Of Course They’re Fed Up

The left blames economic woes on everything except its hero president.
Sep 14, 2015

Two weekends ago, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City held its annual monetary conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The left flew in hundreds of protesters donning green T-shirts that demanded “Higher Wages for America” and chanting, “We’re Fed Up.” The crowd was an assortment of college kids on their summer break, disgruntled middle-aged teachers, senior citizens, and blue-collar union members. Think Occupy Wall Street.

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Remember the Flat Tax?

It’s still a good idea.
May 04, 2015

Almost exactly 20 years ago, a gawky conservative renegade magazine publisher named Steve Forbes threw his hat in the ring for the 1996 GOP presidential nomination. Forbes’s run was first seen as a joke. But he wound up rocking the Republican establishment by injecting fresh and bold reform ideas into a party that had become crusty and tired.

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The Democrats Double Down

Will Republicans seize the opportunity?
Dec 22, 2014

Right after Democrats got routed in the midterm election, the left-wing group blasted their activists with a message not to panic. Party leaders should, in fact, “double down on progressive policies.”

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