Thomas A. Kohut Articles

Design for Power

What the Nazis saw, and didn’t see, in the Turkish strongman.
Jun 22, 2015

The Third Reich has surely been the subject of more books and articles than any other topic in European history. Although it is certainly possible to imagine new discoveries of relatively minor features of Nazism or of the Nazi period, it is difficult to imagine someone uncovering facts about National Socialism that are both new and significant. 

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Peculiarly German

Romantics, Romanticism, and history
Feb 09, 2015

In his foreword, this book’s excellent translator, Robert E. Goodwin, describes the author, Rüdiger Safranski, as a “raconteur.” This is an apt characterization: Highly intelligent and extraordinarily well-read, Safranski brims with intellectual self-confidence. He is firm in his convictions and in his judgments. He relishes his erudition and delights in conveying it to his readers, which he does with imagination and panache. Indeed, one might even say that Safranski loves the sound of his own voice. It is generally a very enjoyable voice to listen to.

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The German Question

Where did they come from, where are they going?
Dec 24, 2012

The Third Reich hovers over German history.   

Despite the careful, intelligent research conducted by countless scholars in numerous disciplines, those 12 years remain in some essential way incomprehensible. How, we ask—without ever being able to provide a truly satisfying answer—could more or less ordinary human beings have done what they did to other human beings in an attempt to create a racial utopia?  

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