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Podcast: How Should Congress Respond To Obama's Amnesty?

Hosted by Michael Graham.

2:40 PM, Nov 26, 2014 • By TWS PODCAST


chuck hagel

Kristol Podcast: Scapegoating Hagel, Appeasing Iran

Hosted by Michael Graham.

1:58 PM, Nov 24, 2014

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B&A Podcast: Clearing the Air, Polishing the Brass, In the Comfort Zone

The B&A Podcast is Hosted by Philip Terzian.

10:15 AM, Nov 23, 2014

Border Patrol

Kristol Podcast: Obama's Immigration Victory?

Hosted by Michael Graham.

4:28 PM, Nov 21, 2014


Podcast: Will the Halbig Challenge Kill Obamacare?

Hosted by Michael Graham.

8:00 AM, Nov 20, 2014


Podcast: Attack Could Be Step Toward Another Intifada

Hosted by Michael Graham.

3:00 PM, Nov 18, 2014


Podcast: What Jonathan Gruber Got Wrong

Hosted by Michael Graham.

5:35 PM, Nov 17, 2014

Candidate Mike with wife Tina and campaign workers

Casual Podcast: They Like Mike

11:35 AM, Nov 16, 2014

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B&A Podcast: Whatever You Say, Cold Fusion, and the Baltic Dawn

The Books & Arts podcast is hosted by Philip Terzian.

10:15 AM, Nov 15, 2014


Hayes Podcast: Gruber's Terrible Week

Hosted by Michael Graham.

1:00 PM, Nov 14, 2014


Podcast: The Obamacare Lies

Hosted by Michael Graham.

2:05 PM, Nov 12, 2014

US Capitol Building at night Jan 2006

Barnes Podcast: Best--and Worst--of New GOP Leadership

Hosted by Michael Graham.

4:48 PM, Nov 11, 2014

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B&A Podcast: Calm Before the Storm, Children's Hour, and a Finishing Canter

The B&A Podcast is hosted by Philip Terzian.

10:10 AM, Nov 9, 2014

Obama Phone

Hayes Podcast: Obama Doesn't Understand What Just Happened

Hosted by Michael Graham.

5:45 PM, Nov 6, 2014


Kristol Podcast: The Day After

Hosted by Michael Graham.

12:45 PM, Nov 5, 2014

Obama hand thinking

Barnes Podcast: The Democrats' Fiasco

Hosted by Michael Graham.

1:46 AM, Nov 5, 2014

Elephant Drawing GOP

Kristol Podcast: On Election Eve, Chances for GOP Senate Are Good

Hosted by Michael Graham.

8:45 AM, Nov 3, 2014


Special Sunday Pre-Election Podcast

Hosted by Michael Graham.

12:40 PM, Nov 2, 2014

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B&A Podcast: Lafayette, The Inner Light, and a Laughing Clown

The Books & Arts Podcast is Hosted by Philip Terzian.

10:05 AM, Nov 1, 2014

Capitol Building Full View

Podcast: Why Three is the Magic (Poll) Number for GOP Senate Hopes

Hosted by Michael Graham.

5:25 PM, Oct 31, 2014

Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kristol Podcast: Netanyahu Isn't the One Who's a 'Chicken****'

Hosted by Michael Graham.

3:05 PM, Oct 29, 2014

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