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D.C. Police Chief Wants People Under Attack to Take Terrorists Out, But Not with Guns

8:01 AM, Nov 24, 2015

The nation’s capital, a top terrorist target, has received new advice should it come under a Paris-style

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Reporters Hammer Rolling Stone in Presser as Fraternity Announces Legal Action

Eviscerated by Columbia Journalism School report, magazine refuses to issue pink slips.
6:14 AM, Apr 07, 2015

If anyone was unsure of the veracity of Rolling Stone's account of an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity, the final nail is now in the story's coffin. Sunday night, the Columbia School of Journalism released its much anticipated blistering report on the magazine's November feature.

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Police Conclusion: Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story a Work of Fiction

3:50 PM, Mar 23, 2015

Four months after the publication of an infamous Rolling Stone piece depicting a violent gang rape at one of the University of Virginia's fraternities, and the magazine's subsequent retraction due to numerous 

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Jobs? Former Gitmo Detainees Say Thanks, But No Thanks

2:30 PM, Feb 20, 2015

The infamous "Uruguay Six" have turned their up noses at gainful employment, according to their host country's president.

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State Dept.: Higher Taxes Prove 'False Myth of 'Utopia' Once Again Revealed as Propaganda'

7:23 AM, Feb 19, 2015

On its much maligned Twitter feed, Think AgainTurn Away, the State Department is denouncing higher taxes -- and even asserting they're evidence a utopian society is a pipe dream.

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Rolling Stone Rolls Over

10:29 AM, Dec 06, 2014

Two weeks ago, Rolling Stone published a bombshell piece that rocked the academic world. In the story, author Sabrina Erdely detailed a horrific crime — a gang rape at one of the fraternities at the University of Virginia that allegedly took place two years ago.

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Democrat Claims Edge in Conn. Governor's Race

12:15 PM, Nov 05, 2014

The Connecticut gubernatorial race is too close to call officially, but Democrat Governor Dan Malloy has declared victory.

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Coakley Loses Gubernatorial Bid in Massachusetts

12:19 AM, Nov 05, 2014

Fox News projects Republican Charlie Baker will win the Massachusetts governorship, defeating Democrat Martha Coakley in an upset.

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'Spoiler' Candidate Pulls Out in Connecticut Gubernatorial Race, Endorses Republican Foley

7:36 AM, Nov 03, 2014

In the eleventh hour, unaffiliated conservative candidate Joe Visconti gifted the Tom Foley campaign with a much appreciated present.

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White House: States’ Rights Trump CDC

2:02 PM, Oct 28, 2014

The Obama administration is suddenly a champion of states' rights when it comes to the Ebola quarantine controversy.

From Politico:

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Dems: 'Dire Situation' in Connecticut

Dan Malloy declares himself a "porcupine."
3:44 PM, Oct 22, 2014

With a grim two-word subject line "dire situation," Connecticut Democrats are sounding the alarm. The email pleads: 

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Is There a Dr. Hayworth in the House?

9:20 AM, Oct 17, 2014

Orange County, N.Y.
Tucked away in the bedroom community of the Hudson Valley lies a late-breaking sleeper race between Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney and former Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth. The competition has received little national attention, with most prognosticators giving Maloney a decided edge.

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Second Time’s a Charm?

In Connecticut, it’s Foley vs. Malloy, round two.
Oct 06, 2014

Voters in Connecticut’s gubernatorial election this November will face a familiar choice as Republican Tom Foley squares off against Democrat Dan Malloy. Four years ago, in a nail biter for what was then an open seat, Malloy won by 0.5 percentage points, or just 6,404 votes. 

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It Took U.S. 'Several Days' to Figure Out Who Bombed Libya

3:46 PM, Aug 27, 2014

With lawmakers ratcheting up pressure on Obama to take action in Syria, few in the administration have been paying close attention to Libya, apparently.

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Axelrod: Perry Indictment 'Seems Pretty Sketchy'

12:02 PM, Aug 16, 2014

Following Texas governor Rick Perry's grand jury indictment yesterday, even David Axelrod cast significant doubts on the merits.

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Tom Foley wins Connecticut Republican Governor's Primary

7:01 AM, Aug 13, 2014

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley defeated state senator John McKinney in Connecticut's Republican primary last night.

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The GOP Can Attract Young Black Voters—And Already Has

One in five black men under age 30 voted for Romney; youngest 'millennials' lean even more conservative.
7:20 AM, Aug 12, 2014

In the midst of rioting in St. Louis over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, the New York Times decided to stoke the embers of racial animus even further with an incendiary op-ed titled, "Can the G.O.P. Ever Attract Black Voters?"

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Lois Lerner 'Made Too Much' to Collect Full Bonus in a Single Year

Lerner also laments 'hoi palloi' ruining exclusive neighborhoods in emails
12:43 PM, Jul 31, 2014

Media coverage of yesterday's latest development in the Lois Lerner 

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D.C. Gun Ruling Could Open Door To Universal Carry Laws (Updated)

1:13 PM, Jul 29, 2014

In a surprising decision, a federal judge overturned

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Obamacare Navigators, 'Assisters' Helped Fewer Than Two People Per Day

Nine in ten heard from clients again with post-enrollment problems.
7:33 AM, Jul 17, 2014

During the open enrollment period for the state and federal health care exchanges, each staff member and volunteer worked with an average of 1.8 people per day, according to a survey of assister programs released by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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O'Malley to White House: No Unaccompanied Minors in My Backyard

'Children' being 'fed, clothed, cared for, taught' until 20s on taxpayers' dime.
2:36 PM, Jul 16, 2014

CNN reported last night that while Maryland governor Martin O'Malley doesn't want unaccompanied minors to be deported, he doesn't want them in certain parts of Maryland either.

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More Businesses Shutting Down than Starting Up

'Business deaths now exceed business births for the first time' in decades.
6:28 AM, May 08, 2014

A new Brookings Institution report indicates that businesses are shuttering their doors more quickly than new ones are popping up.

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Price Tag for Healthcare.gov Repairs Jumps to $121 Million; 'Back End' Still a Mess

Obama administration soliciting 2015 contractors based on race and gender.
6:28 AM, Apr 30, 2014

After shelling out $677 million to build the federal health care website, the government will spend an additional $121 million in 2014 to repair it—$30 million more than previously estimated—the Washington Times reported last night.

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10-Year-Old Presents Father's Resume to Michelle Obama

11:01 AM, Apr 26, 2014

Earlier this week Michelle Obama hosted a group of children at the

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The White House Flips, Then Flops on Women in the Workplace

Not as deft as Carney’s skillet flipping abilities.
6:18 AM, Apr 22, 2014

A few months ago when Obamacare was in free fall, many were left scratching their heads when the Democrats were touting stay-at-home motherhood as one of the perks of Obamacare.

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Health Insurance Premiums Jump 20 Percent for Young Women in Districts of Stupak & Co.

Cheapest plans skyrocket 32 percent on Obamacare anniversary.
12:15 PM, Mar 22, 2013

Thanks to former Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak and his group of seven pro-life Democrats, women across their districts face higher insurance premiums today. 

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Federal Reserve Continues QE3, Improves Outlook for Unemployment

Revises downward GDP forecast.
3:02 PM, Mar 20, 2013

In a press conference today, the Federal Reserve announced it will keep interest rates low and leave QE3 unchanged, continuing to buy $85 billion a month in bonds to prop up the economy.

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