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William Kristol is the editor of The Weekly Standard, is a regular on ABC’s This Week and on ABC’s special events and election coverage, and appears frequently on other leading political commentary shows. Before starting the Weekly Standard in 1995, Mr. Kristol led the Project for the Republican Future, where he helped shape the strategy that produced the 1994 Republican congressional victory.

Stories by William Kristol

Tom Brady and Hillary Clinton

06:50 AM, Jul 29, 2015
A friend with political experience who's also a sports fan writes: “The media seem largely in agreement that Tom Brady deserves his punishment because he destroyed his personal cell phone . “Meanwhile, much of the media is defending Hillary Clinton, even though as a PUBLIC... Read more

Dishonorable Agreement

12:00 AM, Jul 27, 2015
President Obama had a moment of impressive moral clarity at his Iran press conference Wednesday. It was when he was asked about Bill Cosby. “I’ll say this: If you give a woman—or a man, for that matter—without his or her knowledge, a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent,... Read more

A Very Good Deal—for Iran

06:12 AM, Jul 14, 2015
We have a deal. It's a deal worse than even we imagined possible. It's a deal that gives the Iranian regime $140b in return for ... effectively nothing: no dismantlement of Iran's nuclear program, no anytime/anywhere inspections, no curbs on Iran's ballistic missile program, no maintenance of... Read more

The Sentence That Could Doom the Iran Deal

12:50 PM, Jun 29, 2015
Here's a news bulletin from the Iran talks in Vienna: US says system reached to give UN access to suspect Iran sites   Vienna (AFP) - A system has been reached in talks between Iran and major powers towards a nuclear deal that will give the UN atomic watchdog access to all... Read more

A Little Touch of Trump

12:00 AM, Jun 29, 2015
We are not allowed, needless to say, to disclose our top secret list ranking the GOP presidential candidates from top to bottom. It’s kept in encrypted form on a password-protected, self-destructing hard drive in a safe room at The Weekly Standard, accessible only to a trusted few who are... Read more

Now, Focus on Repeal

01:20 PM, Jun 25, 2015
The Supreme Court’s ruling in King v . Burwell is disappointing. But it also provides a welcome moment of clarity: We can finally dispense with the false belief that the Supreme Court will save us from Obamacare. It is perhaps a blessing for the cause of repeal that all eyes will now turn... Read more

350th, 250th?

02:19 PM, Jun 22, 2015
In today's newsletter, I segued from Alexander Hamilton and the ten dollar bill to a fine performance of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro at Wolf Trap last week (don't ask about the relationship, you had to be there--and in fact you can be there if you sign up here ) but I then continued:... Read more

Not-So-Inevitable Hillary?

02:00 PM, Jun 15, 2015
There's a new poll of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters. It shows Bernie Sanders with 32 percent of the vote,  closing in on Hillary Clinton with 44 percent . This survey was released yesterday afternoon, shortly, as it happened, after I'd  suggested on  This Week... Read more

Leo Strauss Online!

12:00 PM, Jun 15, 2015
I'm not sure what the great political philosopher Leo Strauss would have thought of the Internet (he was a skeptic about progress, but also a skeptic about reaction). I personally think he would have appreciated aspects of it. Perhaps he would have even written an essay on "Persecution and the... Read more

Poll: Bernie Gains on Hillary in New Hampshire

02:04 PM, Jun 14, 2015
Bernie Sanders, the independent Democratic senator from Vermont, is within striking distance of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in a new poll of likely New Hampshire presidential primary voters. A new survey from the Morning Consult  finds 44 percent of New Hampshire voters who... Read more

R. Randolph Richardson, 1926-2015

10:04 AM, Jun 06, 2015
Randy Richardson, a friend of my parents and a man I knew and admired, died on Memorial Day. Randy was an important if unheralded figure (unheralded because he preferred to shun the limelight) in the conservative intellectual movement for several decades. Here are excerpts from tributes by his... Read more

'Thoughts From the Ammo Line'

09:51 AM, May 29, 2015
One reason to look forward to Friday is that "Ammo Grrrll" always graces us with some "Thoughts From the Ammo Line" over at Power Line . Who is Ammo Grrrll, you ask? I happen to know, but I'd be shot if I told you. Suffice it to say she's a mordantly witty but oddly good-natured critic... Read more

President Obama, Orientalist?

07:22 PM, May 26, 2015
A reader who wishes not to be named, as he toils behind enemy lines—at a university—emails with a good question. It's about this statement by President Obama in his speech at Adas Israel synagogue last Friday: "And it is precisely because I care so deeply about the state of Israel -- it’s... Read more

Memorial Day

01:35 PM, May 25, 2015
As I was looking around online Saturday, I happened to come across the text of President Obama's Memorial Day weekend radio address. Here's how it begins: Hi, everybody. This weekend is Memorial Day-a time to pay tribute to all our men and women in uniform who've ever given their... Read more

Special Editorial: A Step Toward Repealing and Replacing Obamacare

09:05 PM, May 13, 2015
Assuming a Republican wins the presidency in 2016, his top domestic priority will be—and should be—to repeal and replace Obamacare.  The health care overhaul is the cornerstone of President Obama’s project to transform America into a top-down administrative state. The effects of... Read more

75 Years Ago Today

10:28 AM, May 10, 2015
Seventy-five years ago today, on May 10, 1940, Nazi Germany invaded Holland and Belgium. Conservative prime minister Neville Chamberlain was rebuffed by Labour in his request to join him in a National Government, and at 6 pm, King George VI asked Winston Churchill to form a government. Churchill... Read more

Editorial: Time for Senators to Step Up on Iran

08:35 AM, Apr 23, 2015
As always, Winston Churchill said it best. Here he is on March 24, 1938, speaking less than two weeks after the Anschluss, the Nazi annexation of Austria: "For five years I have talked to the House on these matters—not with very great success. I have watched this famous island descending... Read more

War with Iran

12:00 AM, Apr 20, 2015
Ever since it announced the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran last month, the Obama administration has flooded the news media with technical details elaborating the many virtues of the proposed framework agreement. Indeed, the White House sent its energy secretary, Ernest Moniz, a... Read more

Unravel the Deal

12:00 AM, Apr 20, 2015
What is to be done about Obama’s Iran “deal”? We could, fatalistically, lament the collapse of American foreign policy. We could, indignantly, gnash our teeth in frustration at the current administration. We could, constructively, work to secure congressional review of the deal and urge... Read more

A Message From Mattis

12:27 PM, Apr 18, 2015
A must-read, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal opinion pages : Remarks from earlier this week in San Francisco by retired four-star Marine Corps general James Mattis to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are excerpts: Our country gives hope to millions around the world, and... Read more

Five Points on the Iran Deal

06:38 AM, Apr 17, 2015
I've received several inquiries asking me to spell out some implications of this week's editorial . Here goes: 1) No deal is better than a bad Iran deal. And a bad Iran deal is not just a foreign policy setback. It's a foreign policy disaster.  2) The administration is heading... Read more

Israel's Prime Minister Remembers the Holocaust

08:26 AM, Apr 16, 2015
This morning at 10:00 a.m., in Israel, all activity came to a halt as sirens sounded, and Israelis stood for two minutes with heads bowed in memory of the 6 million Jews, one third of the Jewish people, who perished in the Holocaust. Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at Yad... Read more

Our Once-In-A-Lifetime President

08:40 PM, Apr 05, 2015
One of many startling statements in President's Obama interview with Tom Friedman is his assertion that he's seeking “to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see whether or not we can at least take the nuclear issue off the table.” Even granting that this is an... Read more

Special Editorial: Kill the Deal

10:45 AM, Apr 04, 2015
Commentators have exposed how bad the Iran deal is in various ways; the point, however, is to kill it. Why? Because the deal can't be fixed. Even if sanctions relief were somewhat more gradual, even if the number of centrifuges were somewhat lower, even if the inspections regime were somewhat... Read more

A Significant Moment

11:20 AM, Apr 03, 2015
Seth Lipsky of the New York Sun grasps the significance of the moment in his editorial today, "The Shape of Things to Come" : Mr. Obama proposes that Congress enter a contract with a regime in Iran that Congress knows has lied to us, that has failed to abide by past agreements, and... Read more

Yehudah Avner's The Prime Ministers

10:34 AM, Apr 01, 2015
In my latest newsletter ( you can subscribe here —it's free!), I noted the death last week of Yehuda Avner, an adviser and English speechwriter to four Israeli prime ministers. I wrote,   "[Avner] was a legendary figure—an Israeli foreign service professional who was in the room... Read more

Joining the Jackals—Again?

02:00 PM, Mar 19, 2015
In the aftermath of Benjamin Netanyahu's inconvenient (to Barack Obama) victory in the Israeli election, it looks like the administration is heading towards exacting revenge. The administration's threat is that under President Obama the United States will "join the jackals"—the permanent,... Read more

Speaking for Israel—and America

12:00 AM, Mar 16, 2015
Three moments stood out for me as I watched Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech Tuesday from the gallery of the House of Representatives. Shortly after 11:00 a.m., with the chamber and galleries full and buzzing with anticipation, the doorkeeper announced in his stentorian voice, “Mr. Speaker, the... Read more

Netanyahu’s Moment

12:00 AM, Mar 09, 2015
Sometimes a speech is just a speech. Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech about Iran policy on March 3 will not be his first address to Congress. It will make familiar, if important, arguments. One might assume that, like the vast majority of speeches, it would soon be overtaken by events in Israel and... Read more

Perry: Next President Shouldn't Be Bound By Iran Deal Without Congressional Approval

04:30 PM, Mar 05, 2015
THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained a video likely GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry is about to release on Iran. In his statement, Perry blasts the Obama administration for " desperately pursuing a nuclear agreement with Iran," and criticizes the concessions the administration has made in some... Read more