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132 Economists Support Republican Job Creation Plan

1:07 PM, Nov 8, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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A press release from Speaker of the House John Boehner's office announces "a list of 132 American economists who believe the job creation strategy used in the House GOP Plan for America’s Job Creators will do more to boost private-sector job growth in America in both the near-term and long-term than the “stimulus” spending approach favored by President Obama."

John Boehner

The list is in response to Boehner's question to economists: "which do you believe is more likely to provide a boost for private-sector job growth in America in both the near- and long-term: a plan focused on billions of dollars in additional “stimulus” spending by government – or a plan focused on halting excessive government regulations and fixing the tax code to help private-sector job creators?  A total of 132 economists indicated they clearly favor the latter strategy.  The list of 132 economists includes experts from Stanford University's Hoover Institution, Carnegie Mellon University, and Harvard University; economists from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Manhattan Institute, and the American Action Forum; and many others."

Here are the 132 economists who support the Republican job creation plan: 

Douglas K. Adie

Ohio University

Tim Bastion

Creighton University

Walter E. Block

Loyola University New Orleans

Scott Bradford

Brigham Young University

Alex Brill

American Enterprise Institute

Edgar K. Browning

Texas A&M University

Phillip J. Bryson

Brigham Young University

William N. Butos

Trinity College

Victor A. Canto

La Jolla Economics

Kenneth W. Chilton

Lindenwood University

John F. Cogan

Hoover Institution

Peter F. Colwell

University of Illinois

Clyde Wayne Crews, Jr.

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Coldwell Daniel III

University of Memphis

William P. Albrecht

University of Iowa

Christopher Baum

Boston College

Michael J. Boskin

Hoover Institution

Judith Staley Brenneke

John Carroll University

Wayne T. Brough


Lawrence Brunner

Central Michigan University

James L. Butkiewicz

University of Delaware

Charles W. Calomiris

Columbia University

Don Chance

Louisiana State University

R. Morris Coats

Nicholls State University

Robert Collinge

University of Texas at San Antonio

Mike Cosgrove

University of Dallas

Robert M. Dammon

Carnegie Mellon University

Lawrence S. Davidson

Indiana University

Antony Davies

Duquesne University

Clarence R. Deitsch

Ball State University

Allan DeSerpa

Arizona State University

John Eckalbar

California State University, Chico

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