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By 17 Percentage Points, Americans Support Repeal

3:02 PM, May 16, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows that, by a margin of 17 percentage points (55 to 38 percent), Americans support the repeal of Obamacare. Repeal is supported by men and women; by those in their 30s, 40s, 50s to mid-60s, and mid-60s on up; and by all income groups (ranging from under-$20,000 to over-$100,000 a year). In all, 43 percent of likely voters (71 percent of Republicans, 43 percent of independents, and 13 percent of Democrats) “strongly favor” repeal, while only 26 percent of likely voters (49 percent of Democrats, 24 percent of independents, and 5 percent of Republicans) “strongly oppose” it.


President Obama has claimed that Obamacare would lower health costs, reduce deficits, and improve the quality of health care. Likely voters, however, don’t believe that this is the case on any of these counts. By a margin of three to one (54 to 18 percent), they think Obamacare would raise, rather than lower, health costs. By a margin of better than three to one (53 to 17 percent), they think Obamacare would raise, rather than lower, deficits. And by a margin of better than two to one (48 to 20 percent), they think Obamacare would reduce, rather than improve, the quality of care. 

The American people are in good company in not buying Obama’s claims about his signature legislation. His administration’s own Medicare chief actuary says that Obamacare would raise overall U.S. health costs, while the Congressional Budget Office says that by repealing Obamacare, the House budget would save $1.403 trillion in new spending over the next decade — more than $1 trillion of which would be saved in the final five years of that decade alone.   

In other words, without repeal, Obamacare’s costs would skyrocket — from $66 billion in 2014 to $233 billion in 2021, and upward from there — even under the CBO’s rather conservative estimates. With a national debt of $14.380 trillion and counting, it’s no wonder that Americans support repeal.

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