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2010: The Year Democratic Politicians Cried Rape

4:29 PM, Nov 2, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Georgia's Roy Barnes and Grayson, like Coakley before them, are almost certainly going to be defeated, but this line of attack may have done damage to the Republican in a very tight race for the Colorado Senate. "Ken Buck refused to prosecute a rape case even though the attacker confessed," says the narrator in one Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad against the GOP candidate. The charge is based upon the report "Suspect in 2005 Buck case said he knew it was rape" in the liberal Colorado Independent. From this left-wing blog, the charge dogged Buck to Meet the Press, where host David Gregory made Buck defend his record. Buck explained the case was reviewed by other prosecutors who found there was not enough evidence to prosecute the alleged date rape. The Greeley Tribune, a local paper, explained as much in 2006: 

Buck said he and other attorneys in his office spent about two hours reviewing the police reports before they decided not to prosecute. Buck then forwarded the case to prosecutors in Boulder County asking for a second opinion, because that community handles more reported sexual assaults."I thought, if there's anything they can see in this case that I can't, I want to know about it," Buck said. "They sent back an e-mail saying, 'We agree with your analysis that this case is not prosecutable.' "

Though the facts were on his side, the attack on Buck may have been more effective because the alleged victim had gone to the press, on background, saying that Buck had offended her by suggesting the jury might find that she had "buyer's remorse." (Update: Michelle Malkin wrote earlier this month that New Mexico GOP gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez faced a similar attack.)

For all the nasty attacks in 2010--from "aqua Buddha" to "foreign money" on down--the charge that Republicans don't care about rape victims is probably the slimiest. Perhaps Buck and other Republicans can take comfort in the fact that if Bennet goes down in his Colorado Senate race, this line of attack may come to be considered the last refuge of losers.

Update: A reader reminds me that though it's picked up steam in 2010 the "Republicans don't care about rape victims" attack was deployed in 2008 against none other than ... Sarah Palin.

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