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2016 Talk Greets Biden in Iowa

9:43 PM, Oct 31, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Vice President Joe Biden was greeted with talk of a 2016 presidential run at a campaign stop for Barack Obama earlier today in Iowa. This happened multiple times during his visit to an Obama field office in Davenport, Iowa. 

From the pool report:

One woman, who did not want to provide her name, shouted, “You’re our man in 2016.”   Biden did not acknowledge that woman.

Biden returned the favor, and referred to his losing bid to Obama in the 2008 presidential contest (before being selected as Obama's running mate). Again, via the pool report:

At the end of his short remarks, Biden spoke of what an important role someone’s character is playing in this election, saying “By the way, you know presidential elections are basically all determined at the end of the day on character. We got the guy with the most character."

And then there was the second reference to Biden as the future Democratic party nominee at the Obama campaign office:

Standing at a table in the middle of the room, Biden started to autograph some signs handed to him, when Shannon Holle, called the room to attention to give him a t-shirt and accidentally identified Biden as “President Biden” before correcting herself.

“Attention everyone. On behalf of the Scott County Democrats and all the Democrats here tonight, we're awarding president Biden…VICE President Biden,” Holle said as people laughed.  “2016! You're my president, you know that!

At a campaign stop earlier today in Florida, Biden told a voter on the phone, "You'll vote for me in 2016."

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