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29 Years Later, Echoes of ‘Kuwait 17’

4:35 PM, Dec 13, 2012 • By MATTHEW LEVITT
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Then, as now, Hezbollah served as a long arm of Iran’s security and intelligence services. The only difference today is that when it comes to global operations Hezbollah is even more closely allied with Iran than it was then.  At the time of the Kuwait bombings, the relationship between Iran and Hezbollah was that of a sponsor and its proxy. Today, as Hezbollah operatives troll the globe looking for buses of Israeli tourists to blow up, the relationship is more of a strategic partnership.

The echoes of the Kuwait bombings ring loud, three decades later—and the threat from Iran and Hezbollah today is far greater today than it was even then.

Matthew Levitt directs the Stein program on counterterrorism and intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and is the author of the forthcoming book Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon’s Party of God (Georgetown University Press, 2013).

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