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Ad: Obama Still Doesn't Get It

12:46 PM, Jul 17, 2012 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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The National Republican Campaign Committee has a new video pouncing on President Obama's recent comment that "if you have a business, you didn't build that--somebody else made that happen." Watch the video below:

Here's a transcript of the video's voiceover:

But American small business did built it, Mr. President. And they've done it without taxpayer-funded bailouts or sweetheart deals to failed companies like Solyndra. They didn't wait for somebody else to make it happen. And they didn’t ask Washington for a handout. Throughout our history, American entrepreneurs have sacrificed their time and treasure to follow their dreams. In the process, they put Americans to work and built a nation. All they ask is for a government that -- as another President put it -- will stand by their side, not ride on their back. If you can’t understand what drives our economy, Mr. President, how can you expect to fix it?

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