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Ad Wars: Marco Rubio's First Ad Calls Washington Broken, Warns of Freedom Lost

10:21 AM, Mar 10, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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The Florida Republican, now leading primary challenger and current governor Charlie Crist by 32 in one poll, released his first TV ad today. He sounded a common theme, saying "Washington is broken." Unlike Obama, he believes it's broken because it can't stop spending money, not because it can't "come together" to spend even greater gobs of it.

"Americans need Republicans who will stand up to Obama, not join him," he says, in an allusion to Crist's much bickered over support of the Obama stimulus.

He also personalized his pitch employing his, as Obama supporters might say, his "compelling personal narrative" to connect with voters.

"As the son of exiles, I know what it means to lose to gift of freedom," he said, referring to his Cuban immigrant parents. "And, that's why I know we cannot and will not allow America to fail at this time, in this way."

Rubio's clear ease and competence in front of the camera (not to mention his poll numbers) continue to bear out Tea Partiers' and conservatives' early backing of him. My only quibbles are that the lighting seems a little dark, and he mentions his four children, but only three of them really get any face time.

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