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Ad Wars: Obama Cuts Spot for Coakley, Can Barely Contain Himself


2:42 PM, Jan 14, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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On the ol' Inspiro-meter, I'd say the president has hit that rarely reached sweet spot right between Droopy the Dog and Eyeore. Note, in particular, the deadness in his eyes as he closes out his appeal:

These are the big guns, folks. Barack Obama campaigning in the closing days for a floundering Democratic candidate. Remember how well that's worked before?

It's a web and e-mail ad, not TV.

As PPP noted, based on its Massachusetts polling, Obama may be trying to stay at arm's length to prevent taking inordinate blame in Coakley's possible loss, but there's a chance Obama's presence in Massachusetts wouldn't help, anyway:

What's interesting to note in the poll that we did on the race though is that Coakley is actually more popular than Obama- she has a 50% favorable rating while he has a 44% approval rating.

Now certainly you can make the argument that the reason for that is the conservative lean of likely voters at this point, and that if Obama showed up and changed the electorate he would have better approval numbers among those planning to go and vote.

But his visits in Virginia and New Jersey never did put any dent in the poll numbers- in fact Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell saw the polls move slightly in their direction after Obama's visits to their state.

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