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Ad Wars: The Obama Robocall for 'Ally' Coakley

11:43 AM, Jan 15, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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It's still undecided whether Obama will actually go to the Bay State to campaign on behalf of Martha Coakley, but he has cut a robocall for her, funded by the DNC. I kind of like the intro, here, but let's hope it has more spirit than yesterday's web ad if they want it to do any good:

Ad Wars: The Obama Robocall for 'Ally' Coakley

President Barack Obama cut a rare robocall for Martha Coakley in the waning days of the election.

Hi, this is President Barack Obama. I rarely make these calls and I truly apologize for intruding on your day. But I had to talk to you about the election in Massachusetts on Tuesday because the stakes are so high.

In Washington, I’m fighting to curb the abuses of a health insurance industry that routinely denies care. I’m fighting for financial reforms to stop Wall Street from playing havoc with our economy. I’m fighting to create a new clean energy economy and it’s clear now that the outcome of these and other fights will probably rest on one vote in the United States Senate.

We know where Martha Coakley stands. As your attorney general, Martha has taken on Wall Street’s schemes, insurance company abuses and big polluters on your behalf. She represents the best progressive values of Massachusetts. She‘ll be your voice and my ally.

But a lot of people don’t even realize there is an election on Tuesday to fill the unexpired term of Ted Kennedy. They don’t realize why it’s so important. So please, come out to vote for Martha Coakley. And make sure everyone you know understands the stakes for their families, Massachusetts and our country.

Update: Audio of the robocall, here. Slightly more spirit than yesterday, but not a lot.

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