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Ad Wars: Vicki Kennedy Echoes...Scott Brown? Update: Video Added

Good messaging.

9:25 AM, Jan 15, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Just in case you had any doubt about whether Brown's line, "It's the people's seat" went over well with the people, the Coakley campaign has Kennedy's widow repeating it in the ad she cut for the lackluster Democrat:

Still, Coakley is hoping to break through the ad clamor with her closing ad, an endorsement spot from Vicki Kennedy, the widow of the late Senator, that hits airwaves this morning. "It's not the Kennedy seat, it's the peoples' seat," she says in the ad. "The mother struggling to make ends meet, the father trying to find a job. My husband fought for them and so does Martha Coakley."

It sounds slightly less forced than Obama's ad from yesterday, and I'm mildly surprised there was no montage of Kennedy himself. Her words, and the absence of the Liberal Lion from the ad, speak volumes about what Scott Brown has been able to make this race about. Not a personality, or a legacy, or the Bay State's generational obligation to the spirit of Camelot, but issues on which Coakley isn't besting him.

Chris Cillizza reports what we've heard in the office, that virtually all TV and radio time is bought up, and Brown and Coakley will be battling for earned media in the closing days of the campaign, giving Brown the advantage with a more positive storyline.

An outside group, American Future Fund, is hitting Coakley on taxes:

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