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Anwar al-Awlaki Connected to 9/11?

4:18 PM, Aug 16, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Catherine Herridge of Fox News reports that Anwar al-Awlaki might have a connection to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. At least, that is what the House Homeland Security Committee is currently investigating.

Anwar al Awlaki

Anwar al Awlaki

According to the letter Herridge obtained, here's what the House committee is looking into:

"1. To what extent Anwar al-Awlaki wittingly or unwittingly facilitated the plot of the 9/11 hijackers; and

"2. to what extent al-Awlaki was an al Qaeda operative, offering support to acts of terrorism prior to 9/11.”

The letter to Holder, sent by Republican Rep. Peter King of New York on May 26, confirms that investigators believe the American cleric's contacts with three of the five hijackers on Flight 77, which slammed into the Pentagon, were more than a series of coincidences, but rather evidence of a purposeful relationship.

“Given the greater collection of intelligence and integration of pertinent data since the attacks of 9/11, I believe that al-Awlaki may have played greater roles in the terrorist attacks of 9/11, as well as other terrorist plots, than those of which we have been previously aware," King writes. "Accordingly, I request the full assistance of the Department of Justice in carrying out this inquiry.”

To be sure, the news is not that al-Awlaki might be connected to 9/11 (that's been covered extensively by Tom Joscelyn on this blog). Instead, the fact that Congress is taking up this what is what's new here. 

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