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AP Poll: Obama and Obamacare Approvals Hit New Lows

Bad medicine.

3:13 PM, Apr 14, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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The President said on April 1 that it would take a little while for people's real feelings to register on health care:

I was up in Maine and I was joking about -- only slightly joking -- about the fact that the day after we signed it, everybody started writing these stories about how the country is still divided on health care, it hasn’t suddenly become universally popular.  (Laughter.)  What’s going on?

It’s been a week, folks.  (Laughter.)

It's been more than a week now, but this isn't the movement he was looking for:

Just 49 percent of people now approve of the job Obama's doing overall, and less than that — 44 percent — like the way he's handled health care and the economy. Last September, Obama hit a low of 50 percent in job approval before ticking a bit higher. His high-water mark as president was 67 percent in February of last year, just after he took office.

Health care disapproval also hit an all-time high:

Adding to Democratic woes, people have grown increasingly opposed to the health care overhaul in the weeks since it became law; 50 percent now oppose it, the most negative measure all year.

Democrats have also lost long-time edges in party approval and trust on the economy. Phil Klein at the American Spectator notes this is the "8th straight national poll showing opposition to ObamaCare at 50% or higher."

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