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ARG Poll Shows Scott Brown Up 7

Rape Mailer backlash?

3:10 PM, Jan 18, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Key findings: "Brown leads Coakley 97% to 1% among registered Republicans and he leads 64% to 32% among unenrolled voters. Coakley leads Brown 73% to 23% among registered Democrats."

Coakley has lost ground among unenrolled voters over the last ARG poll, conducted days earlier.

Perhaps most remarkable, however is that Brown seems to have gained two points among women, even after (or because of?) the Rape Mailer the Coakley campaign sent out this weekend. He was hanging in there at 44 percent to Coakley's 50 in the ARG poll taken before the mailer story hit. The new ARG poll was taken from the 15th-17th. The story broke on the 16th, and Coakley is now only up four— 50-46.

Update: I should have noted the movement is within the margin of error, but the conventional wisdom seems to be that Coakley's attack was too over-the-top to be effective, and it'd sure be nice to see women voters confirm that at the polls.

Update: Coakley's camp is leaking internal poll results again; this time they show a 1-2 point lead for her.

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