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Axelrod Rolls Wyden on Medicare

10:42 AM, Aug 12, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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This morning on CNN, President Obama's top political adviser, David Axelrod, rolled liberal Oregon senator Ron Wyden:

“You describe him as extreme," said CNN's Candy Crowley, "so I want to take you back to a December 15 Wall Street Journal op-ed, which the congressman wrote along with Senator Ron Wyden, who is a member of your party, and seen certainly as a moderate to liberal Democrat, and the two of them together came up with a plan to help save Medicare and they wrote, 'Our plan would strengthen traditional Medicare by permanently maintaining it as a guaranteed and viable option for all of the nation's retirees.' So this extreme plan has been signed on to and one of the authors of it is a member of your own party, and so why is that extreme?”

Axelrod responded, “Well, I just disagree with Senator Wyden on this, and Congressman Ryan and so have most of the experts who have looked at this who said that the way this thing is constructed that Medicare would be in a death spiral under this plan, and ultimately it would raise costs on seniors by thousands of dollars.”

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