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Balanced Budget Amendment Fails in House

3:05 PM, Nov 18, 2011 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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The House of Representatives voted down a proposed balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, the Associated Press reports. The House did not achieve the two-thirds majority necessary to pass the amendment and send it to the Senate.

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According to the roll call vote, 236 Republicans and 25 Democrats voted for the amendment, while 4 Republicans and 161 Democrats voted against it. Eight House members did not vote. Among the Republicans who voted against the amendment was House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan.

“I’m concerned that this version will lead to a much bigger government fueled by more taxes," Ryan said in a statement. "Spending is the problem, yet this version of the BBA makes it more likely taxes will be raised, government will grow, and economic freedom will be diminished. Without a limit on government spending, I cannot support this Amendment.”

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