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Barack Obama’s Excellent Bipartisan Adventure

Just words?

12:00 AM, Feb 4, 2010 • By GARY ANDRES
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But in less politically charged areas, like transportation infrastructure, telecommunications policy, or maybe even energy – where the give-and-take is based more on regional interests than political philosophy – the president may have some additional opportunities for success. 

Remember, while bipartisanship may be on the menu, lawmakers and the presidents don’t need to eat it for every meal.  He could claim progress just by breaking the polarization monopoly in a few domestic and foreign policy areas. 

President Obama’s unsuccessful approach to solving the polarization quagmire is a direct result of his inexperience in Washington – not just an obstinate opposition.  We’re all watching his excellent bipartisan adventure and wondering if, after a year on the job, he’ll begin to figure it out.

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