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Biden: Gun Control 'Is About Civility in Society'

"This is about the coarsening of our culture."

4:39 PM, Jan 17, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Joe Biden explained President Barack Obama's gun control measures by saying that "It is about civility in society," according to the Huffington Post. "This is about the coarsening of our culture."

Biden, who delivered remarks to a group of American mayors, joked, "As one hunter told me, if you got 12 rounds, it means you already missed the deer 11 times. ... You should pack the sucker in. You don't deserve a gun, period, if you're that bad."

Biden said he's ready to fight for the gun control measures. "We, you, the citizens can change the nation," he said, according to Huffington Post. "I've been in this fight a long time. I have no illusions about the fight that's in front of us ... But I know full well the obstacles up against us are not impenetrable."

"We're going to take this fight to the halls of Congress. ... We're going to take it to the American people, making our case and let the voices of the people be heard," the vice president added.

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