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Biden to Panama President: 'Oh, We'll Talk About' 2016 Run

10:52 AM, Nov 19, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Vice President Joe Biden told the president of Panama that they'll "talk about" a future presidential run. The president of Panama is term limited, and will not be running again, so it's clear the president of Panama and Biden were referring to a possible presidential run for Mr. Biden himself.

Via the pool report:

A line of eight Panamanian officials awaited Biden's entry and a white-haired man stood apart, nearer the pool and kindly answered pooler's questions about the room, in English. Pooler only then was informed by whispers of a Biden staffer that this was Panama's President Ricardo Martinelli.

The doors were opened and the VP announced. Both men threw their arms out in recognition and warm greeting. VP said something about Martinelli looking good -- as people NOT running for office anymore do, VP noted. (The president is term-limited and VP will meet with candidates for the job later today.)

THEN Mr. Martinelli replied something like, "YOU'RE going to be running next time." Biden chuckled, mildly abashed and quickly said, "Oh, we'll talk about that."

After brief further chat, VP was introduced to the other officials, followed by his national security advisor Jake Sullivan, deputy chief of staff Shailagh Murray and the US ambassador Jonathan Farrar. The group walked toward the adjoining ornate room dominated by a banquet table for the bilat, though VP stopped at the two poolers to exclaim, "Did you see the water right outside our hotel this morning? I didn't even know we were on the water!" (It was very dark when our party arrived at the Westin outside the city last night, so your pooler also was surprised this am to see the Pacific.)

Pool is holding in an open-air 2nd floor atrium. Near the stairs is an elevator, which a palace official informs was built for a visit of FDR.

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