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Biden: 'Upside' of Going Down Fiscal Cliff 'Is Even Bigger than the Downside'

3:21 PM, Dec 7, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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In remarks at a diner in Arlington, Virginia, Vice President Joe Biden said that the "upside" of going down the so-called fiscal cliff "is even bigger than the downside." Biden attributed these thoughts to "business leaders."

Via the pool reporter present at today's event:

"The downside of going down this real. But the upside is even bigger than the downside," Mr. Biden said he's been hearing from business leaders.

"This is no time to add any additional burden for middle class people."

He said it would take "15 minutes" for a bill to get done if Speaker Boehner agreed to let taxes on the wealthy go up.

He said while they prefer having rates go up to Clinton-era levels they are willing to "negotiate" with Republicans.

It could be done "like that" he said snapping his fingers.

He said Potus would likely have him "sprint" up the Hill to get the bill and bring it back.

He said Republicans shouldn't "hold hostage the relief for the middle class."

Asked about Speaker Boehner's comments that the president was slow-walking the country to the cliff, Vpotus said he'll leave that answer to the American people. He said they already agree taxes on the wealthy should go up.

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