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Boehner: 'Somebody at the IRS Violated the Law'

8:02 AM, Apr 8, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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In an interview last night on Megyn Kelly, House speaker John Boehner talked tough about investigating the IRS:

Fox News' Megyn Kelly said, "So, Lois Lerner facing contempt charges this week in addition to a push to have the DOJ start a criminal case against her for what?"

Boehner answered, "Misleading the Congress. You know, when this story first broke, I asked the question, or someone asked me the question, Well who should be fired? I said I don't know -- don't care who is going to be fired. I want to know who is going to jail. The fact is, is that the IRS, there are specific laws that protect taxpayers and force the IRS to comply with the law. Somebody at the IRS violated the law. Whether it was lois learner or not, we'll find out.

"But the Weighs and Means Committee and the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, both committees have jurisdiction over this IRS investigation. They've been both working together."

Boehner would later add, "I made clear Lois Lerner was going to tell us the truth or we were going to hold her in contempt. And if she's not going to tell us the truth, we'll hold her in contempt. The House will vote."

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