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Boehner Won't Commit to Gun Control, Says 'We Will Review It'

10:29 AM, Mar 17, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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House speaker John Boehner was asked about gun control measures being considered in the Senate this morning on national television:

"Gun legislation," said host Martha Raddatz, "will you commit to have a vote on the House floor on any gun legislation that the Senate is able to pass?" 

"If they pass something, I've made clear, that we will review it," said Boehner. "In the meantime, our committees will continue to have hearings, trying to get to the bottom of, what can we do to help minimize the senseless crime? I mean, listen, all of our hearts go out to the victims of these mass shootings. But we really need to understand, what is it that we truly can do to ensure that this doesn't happen?"

Raddatz asked, "Do you see any gun measures passing in the House? Background checks?"

"We'll see what the Senate does," Boehner responded. "We'll review it. And we're going to continue to have our hearings and review this issue."

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