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Bolton and Markey: Is Obama Embracing a Post-Iran Nuclear Arms Race?

11:13 AM, Feb 14, 2012 • By ROBERT ZARATE
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There is an easy fix:  Bipartisan legislation by Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) of Florida and Howard Berman (D) of California makes reasonable modifications to current law to give Congress more power to reject nuclear cooperation agreements that don’t include the U.A.E.’s “gold standard” commitments.  If a country agrees to the gold standard, the existing expedited process for Congressional approval remains in place.  But if a country decides to retain the options of enrichment and reprocessing, the agreement must first be approved by Congress.

It is alarming that precisely when the global nonproliferation regime is breaking down, and as North Korea, Iran, and Syria set a model for other regimes dreaming of their own nuclear weapons, the Obama administration would further undermine the already weak, eroding restraints on the spread of these instruments of unparalleled terror and destruction. The money to be made from surrendering America and the world to the ambitions of nuclear-armed regimes will be long forgotten when the tragic consequences of these deals become a reality.

When John Bolton and Ed Markey—who rarely see eye-to-eye on anything—can find something they can agree on, it’s worth taking note. The Obama administration certainly should. 

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