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Breaking News: Poll finds Washington, D.C., is really, really liberal

"D.C.'s left leanings confirmed" reports the Washington Post.

12:00 PM, Feb 10, 2010 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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Just last week I chatted with a veteran Post reporter who was lamenting the sad decline of print journalism—the folding up of the Washington Post's business and book review sections, the multiple rounds of buyouts, and the dearth of copyeditors. The New Republic devoted a recent cover to the "collapse" of the great paper. But thank goodness the Post decided to spend valuable amounts of time and money on a survey that reveals the District of Columbia, which delivered all 142 precincts to Barack Obama in the last election (that's 93 percent), is a liberal town.

"District residents are generally supportive of the progressive, activist social agenda being pursued by the D.C. Council, putting their stamp of approval on efforts by government leaders to enact policies while Democrats control Congress," write Tim Craig and Jennifer Agiesta. They also note "majorities favor same-sex marriage, want medical marijuana to be legalized and support the creation of an elected attorney general," not to mention "sky-high approval ratings for President Barack Obama."

The San Francisco Chronicle ought to ask the residents of The Castro what they think of same-sex marriage. And maybe Holland's NRC Handelsblad should ask the denizens of Amsterdam if they support the legalization of drugs and prostitution? Perhaps Der Spiegel can find out how many—if any—Germans have ever worn Birkenstocks with black socks in the summer?

Joking aside, there actually were some interesting details in the Post poll: Although 56 percent of the District's residents support same-sex marriage, the difference of opinion by race is quite stark: While 83 percent of whites are in favor, only 37 percent of blacks feel the same way. (Fifty-one percent of blacks believe same-sex marriage should be illegal—44 percent feeling strongly about this.) When asked if the issue should be subject to a referendum, only 39 percent of whites said "yes" while 70 percent of blacks were in favor. Which places the city in an interesting dilemma—one that the city council will no doubt hope to avoid. (I'm sure, somehow, it will all depend on Marion Barry.)

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