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British to Make Payouts to Terrorists

10:42 AM, Nov 18, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Douglas Murray writes about the "obscene" payments to terrorists that the British government plans to make in today's Times of London:

If a British soldier, sent to Afghanistan to serve his country, loses a foot in combat he can expect annual compensation of £8,780 from the Government. But if you were, say, a foreigner briefly resident in Britain who chose to fly to Afghanistan to train in a terrorist camp, or maybe just to see what a real Islamist state looks like, then were picked up in the warzone by US Forces and sent to Guantánamo Bay, you would be in a line for a big payout.

It was announced this week by the Justice Secretary that up to ten men suspected by America of being enemy combatants are to receive compensation that could amount to more than a million pounds each from the British taxpayer. Which is good pay for a lightish workload.

Tom Joscelyn wrote about this for THE WEEKLY STANDARD yesterday, accessible here.

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