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CAIR Attacks American Educational Book Series

Business as usual for the Islamists.

12:00 AM, Mar 24, 2010 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ
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Other titles in the “World of Islam” series include Islam in Europe, which ends with the warning that given high immigrant Muslim birthrates, “many Europeans are afraid that they may become a minority in their own countries. The fear, more often than not, has been exaggerated and used by populist parties as an argument against immigration.” A companion booklet, The Muslim World: An Overview, offers a positive assessment of the U.S.-led interventions to protect Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. At the same time, it describes the major Islamist terrorist attacks in Spain in 2004 and Britain in 2005 and the agitation for sharia as public law in the latter country. Yet another in the series, Islamic-Jewish Relations Before 1947, includes recognition that Muslim history is mixed: Jews lived well and were unmolested in some Muslim countries, but faced restrictions and violence in others.

These texts are neither prejudicial nor ideological; they represent established historical opinion and accurate reporting on present-day challenges affecting Muslims and non-Muslims alike. CAIR is attempting, as often in the past, to reinforce its claim to be a privileged interpreter of Islam in the United States. At the press conference CAIR called to condemn the series, its Philadelphia regional “civil rights director,” Moein Khawaja, admitted “he was not aware of any discrimination against Muslim children due to the books.” As so often before, CAIR engages in deliberate distortion and incitement against legitimate authors and educators. Its latest offensive in the educational field should be firmly rejected.

Stephen Schwartz is a frequent contributor. 

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