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A Call for Help After Sandy

9:59 AM, Nov 5, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Here's the biggest kicker:  the entire time, major companies and places of work (i.e. Goldman, Deutsche Bank, NYSE, Barclays, UBS, retail throughout the area, and even things as unnecessary at a time like this as debt collection companies) are attempting to force and pressuring employees to return to work...even though there is no power below 34th St in NYC, no subway, bus or taxi service, limited train service, closed/flooded tunnels and rules restricting the use of all bridges to cars containing at least three adults because there is no parking.  A commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan that usually averages 30 to 45 minutes currently takes 3 to 4 hours on average as the roads are so limited and trains have so few open trains even if they do attempt to run. My brother-in-law (a trader living in CT and commuting to midtown) took six hours to make a one way trip into the city and then couldn't get home on Thursday...leaving his wife alone with no power or gas to travel herself with their three year old and five month old while he found a friend's couch in the city for the night.  These people all feel forced to try to work though they are literally living in a disaster area, have no public transportation and have no way to even put gas in a car or then even drive the car anywhere.

MAJOR COMPANIES and businesses need to hear from some press or government outlet that they cannot attempt to force business as usual in a federal disaster area!!!  It just cannot go on and is only further slowing the ultimate clean up and "restoration of vital services" time frame.  Additionally they can't force families to be separated in these chaotic times when things are going from bad to worse as communication fails further and looting is beginning to set in!

I write this to you because I know how far reaching your Rolodex is and just pray some people's eyes can be opened.  Unlike foreign disasters where huge planes full of American support and supplies arrive (i.e. earthquakes in Japan or any other type scenario that leaves citizens in dire straits) we are yet to see planes full of supplies and volunteer personnel arrive here.

Americans help the world, but who helps us?  Not even our own government.

I hope this rant can in some way get the word out with your help.

Anything you can do is huge.  Any ideas you might have are appreciated.  We are in a state comparable to New Orleans after Katrina and need to mobilize as much help and awareness as possible FAST.

I apologize for my less than perfect writing style and seemingly random list of recipients I have copied.  Given the circumstances, it's all I could do to just scratch the surface and start somewhere.

All help and ideas welcome.

Hope to hear back soon.

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