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Can Any of the Current GOP Candidates Unite (and Excite) the Party?

4:22 PM, Jun 29, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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In that same poll, the top 5 in net favorability rating among respondents who had a definite opinion were 1. Ryan and Chris Christie (tied at 79 percent); 3. Bachmann (72 percent); and 4. Romney and Mike Huckabee (tied at 68 percent).  Santorum was 6th (57 percent) and Sarah Palin was 7th (56 percent). Gingrich and Pawlenty were tied for 8th (54 percent), just ahead of Cain (50 percent).  (Huckabee, of course, has since bowed out.) 

Ryan and Christie are also the only two prospective candidates who are beating Bachmann in the Tea Party poll (Ryan is 1st, and Christie is 2nd), and they are perhaps the two most respected potential candidates among the Republican establishment as well. In that light, perhaps the most relevant question any pollster could ask at this point would be: “Mr. Ryan and Mr. Christie, are you satisfied with the current GOP field?”

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