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Cheer Up; It's Not the End of the World

1:16 PM, Dec 19, 2012 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Or, maybe it is.  In which case you should really cheer up.  Getting all sulky and down in the dumps isn't going to starting adding days, weeks, months, and years to the Mayan calendar which runs out of tomorrows on the day after tomorrow (December 21, in case you are counting).  

If the Mayans had it right and the entire enterprise is going dark for good, why not do something to cheer yourself up and go out with a smile on your face?  Eat, drink, be merry for after tomorrow, no more tomorrows.  As a public service, Epicurious has created an apocalypse menu comprised of the sort of sinful stuff that no conscientious hostess would serve guests.  But with doom bearing down on us all, why not enjoy martinis, foie gras, double chocolate layer cake, candied bacon (!), and ... well you get the idea.  

A little gluttony on parting.  And if the world does not cooperate and continues to exist ... well, find another excuse.

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