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Class Divisions at Occupy Wall Street?

12:23 PM, Nov 17, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The Daily Show explores whether there is class division at the Occupy Wall Street encampment:

Pete Wehner, writing at Commentary, remembers that "This is a movement the Democratic Party, starting with the president, has embraced, championed, and supported." Wehner later adds: "If conservative lawmakers and political leaders were wise, they would do much more than they have to expose this movement that represents, in fundamental ways, the heart and soul of modern liberalism and the Democratic Party under Barack Obama."

As Yuval Levin wrote in the recent issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD:

[N]ow, as the fourth year of the Obama administration approaches, we find ourselves confronted with the reincarnation of perhaps the most damaging liberal type of all: the snarky, pseudo-alienated, disheveled young protester. There is much to complain about regarding Wall Street and its cozy relationship with the government, but the Occupy Wall Street protesters do not seem to have a clear idea of what that complaint might be, or what should be done about it. They seem increasingly to give vent, instead, to a vague unfocused ennui, unaware that their bizarre reenactment of their professors’ wistful exaggerations of the 1960s threatens to offend a great many Americans whose cultural memories extend further back than the invention of the iPod.

As the Occupy Wall Street movement has gradually turned ugly in recent weeks, the Democrats who had earlier associated themselves with the protests have no doubt begun to recognize the peril in which they have put themselves and their party by even tacitly encouraging the resurrection of this most disagreeable liberal type. They have yet to fully grasp, however, just how much damage the simultaneous reemergence of so many harmful and unpleasant aspects of the modern left may yet do to the Democrats in 2012.

A Gallup poll published this month showed that only 21 percent of Americans consider themselves liberals. The rest of the country might well put up with liberals in power now and then, but not if the left insists on constantly reminding us why, to coin a phrase, we are the 79 percent.

Whole thing here.

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