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Close Enough …

11:09 AM, Feb 21, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The new administration line on the state of things with Obamacare appears to be, Not bad … close enough for government work … if the kids would just shape up and do the right thing …

First, vice president Joe Biden says that while the enrollments may not reach the goal of 7 million by the March 31 deadline, it is no big deal and, anyway, it will be close.

As Justin Sink of The Hill reports, earlier this week, Biden said:

“... the administration might miss its enrollment targets. "We may not get to seven million, we may get to five or six, but that's a hell of a start.”

Try that in the private sector, one thinks, imagining old Joe trying to shine up a boss when his number has come in at around 2/3s of what he’d been projecting.

Then yesterday, speaking in Washington to:

… a gathering of Democratic donors and governors at a luxury hotel…

The president, himself, said:

… despite the botched rollout of the ObamaCare website, more than 10 million people now knew financial security because they had obtained coverage via the federal exchanges, Medicaid expansion, or the ACA provision allowing young adults to stay on their parents' insurance for longer.

This recalls the administration’s defense of the stimulus bill.  It may not have lowered the unemployment rate but it sure did “save and create” a lot of jobs.  

Finally, the first lady jointed in the cheerleading and excuse-making for Obamacare by saying that the young people who are needed to make the scheme work but are not signing up are “knuckleheads” who cannot cook supper without injuring themselves and do not recognize what is in their own self-interest … i.e. overpriced health insurance the deductibles of which wouldn’t cover the cost of sutures to close a cut inflicted by a kitchen knife and would be available (guaranteed issue) in the event it should really be needed.

They may be “knuckleheads” but they are a.) capable of responding to incentives and acting in their own self-interest. And b.) suspicious of big clumsy outfits that can’t build a proper website.

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