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3:47 PM, Aug 20, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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As Michelle Maitre at EdSource reports, when people learn more about the Common Core educational standards, they like them less.  The Common Core is the latest attempt to apply universal standards of instruction and performance across American schools.  It has the support of big names like Bill Gates and big money like, well, Bill Gates.

The resistance comes from teachers who believe that its implementation will result in their being pushed into “teaching to the test,” and also, increasingly, from people who suspect that the Common Core is a false flag for further – and possibly complete – takeover of education by Washington.  To which, of course, backers say, “Oh wherever could you get such an idea. Never in a million years.”

As Terry Holliday, the state commissioner of education in Kentucky – the first state to adopt Common Core – says in Ms. Maitre’s piece, the public tends to associate:

"… the Common Core with somewhat of a federal overreach into education.” 

And suspects, understandably, that a vastly empowered federal education bureaucracy might operate something like another celebrated Washington outfit – the VA.

(For the best overview of Common Core and the arguments about it, read Andrew Ferguson’s delightful report on the matter.)  

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