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Cruz: 'It Don't Get No Better Than This'

10:20 PM, Mar 6, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Senator Ted Cruz, joining in support of Rand Paul's filibuster, said today was the first day he had the chance to speak on the Senate floor. "It don't get no better than this," Cruz said, quoting a beer commercial:

"Today is the first day I have ever had the extraordinary privilege of speaking on the floor of the Senate," said Cruz. "And in my first time to speak on the floor of the Senate, I found myself being given the chance to read from Travis's letter from the Alamo. As I observed walking off the floor of the Senate, as they say in the beer commercial, 'It don't get no better than this.' So I thank the senator from Kentucky for giving me the opportunity to be welcomed to the floor of the senate and having a chance to stand with him fighting for liberty."

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