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8:36 AM, Sep 9, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Jane Harman is a former member of the House of Representatives and a lifetime member in good standing of the political class and, hence, a guest from time to time on Meet the Press where the panel discussions are carried on in a language that is known as "high beltway."  

A rough translation of what Ms. Harman said on the show yesterday would come out as: On military action in Syria, the people are selfish fools and their representatives are selfish cowards.

Excerpted from the transcript, here is Ms. Harman on the vote for or against military action:

I think what's going on here, in my view, is all these folks in both parties, especially in the House, are worried about being primaried.

The base in each party is against this. I'm sympathetic to that, the economy hasn't rebounded in most parts of the country. They're against it. So these folks think that the reelection, my view, matters more than perhaps taking a principled stand ... they want this to pass ... they just don't want to vote for it.

So good of her to set we fools and knaves straight.  

Noble, even.

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