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9:00 AM, Aug 10, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Yep, Greg Gutfeld wants to open a gay bar in the property adjacent to the Ground Zero Mosque, as a celebration of tolerance.

The Daily Grind

Clinton-Obama proxy war comes to a head in Colorado Senate primary today. Clinton's man is leading the Obama-favored appointee Michael Bennet by a statistically insignificant margin.

Insurgent candidate Ken Buck looks likely to win over more establishment candidate Jane Norton on the Republican side of the Colorado Senate primary, but a couple recent gaffes-- he was caught on video saying people should vote for him because he "doesn't wear high heels"-- have given Norton a serious chance.

Two tests for Palin's clout today. One in CO-3, where she endorsed conservative former Army Ranger, rancher, and all-around entertaining character Bob McConnell over State Rep. Scott Tifton.

The other in Georgia where Palin-endorsed Karen Handel is in a run-off for governor against Nathan Deal.

Vegas cracks down on a very serious issue for its citizens with... a hula hoop ban.

Oregon youngster makes enough to go to Disneyland in her second attempt at a lemonade stand business after the local health inspector shut her down the first time. Next up, she's off to hula hoop in Vegas.

Meta! In the Democratic primary for the Connecticut governor's race, Ned Lamont now making attack ads for his opponent's tracker.

Connecticut Senate: Vince McMahon says everyone should lay off WWE or he might lay the smack down.

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