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10:00 AM, Sep 1, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Chris Matthews comes home. "[Obama] is almost pluperfect, and they don't like him!"

The Daily Grind

Max Boot on dealing with Afghanistan's financial system: "Kabul Bank is at the center of a web of suspect relationships that also involve New Ansari, an Islamic money-transfer firm (hawala), and the country’s other major bank, Afghan United. There are persistent rumors that they are linked to both the Taliban and drug traffickers — a charge they naturally deny. All have been propped up by years of foreign aid; all the salaries that are paid to Afghan government employees, for instance, and that come primarily from the U.S. government are funneled through electronic-money transfers to Kabul Bank. This is supposed to decrease corruption by cutting the risk that cash will go astray, but it has had the perverse effect of floating a rotten institution."

Biden: "It's not like we're walking away."

Flashback: Democrats and Obama on the war over the years.

Palin to Iowa.

Barney Frank watches "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." I am unsurprised.

Hmm: Rape charges reinstated against Wikileaks founder.

Roger Simon: Hey, there wasn't nearly enough Bush-blaming in that speech.

Murkowski concedes.

Front-page WaPo piece: "Looking for a government job?" A guide to finding the best places to work on the taxpayer dime.

McCain: "I was always taught as a young officer, when you succeed you give credit to others. When you fail, you take responsibility. The President, I guess, never got that lecture."

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