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8:27 AM, Sep 14, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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McConnell introduces that Tax Hike Prevention Act of 2010.

The Daily Grind

Primary season was anti-incumbent or anti-Obama or anti-establishment or all of the above: "By historical standards, not that many incumbents lost in the primaries. Four House members, three senators and one governor have been defeated, but only the number of senators' losses rises to historic levels. But, Cook notes, more incumbents than usual have been threatened this year. By his calculations, more House incumbents have won by narrower margins than in the recent past."

Classy: Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey fundraised off a picture with Castro.

Democratic war cry: "He knows there were far fewer than that at his annual gathering. Organizers said about 1750 people paid, which is not even one-fifth of the size from some other years when presidential contenders headlined the event. Harkin acknowledged what he said is missing in the electorate. He said, 'We don't need a lot of passion.'"

Video: Krauthammer calls endorsements of O'Donnell "destructive, irresponsible."

"Cuba announced Monday it will cast off at least half a million state workers by early next year and reduce restrictions on private enterprise to help them find new jobs — the most dramatic step yet in President Raul Castro's push to radically remake employment on the communist-run island."

Good news: Obama wrote a children's book.

Glenn Greenwald and Rachel Maddow wish Democrats would quit with the fearmongering.

Repeal begins? "You might not have seen it reported, but the Senate will vote this morning on whether to repeal part of ObamaCare that it passed only months ago. The White House is opposed, but this fight is likely to be the first of many as Americans discover—as Nancy Pelosi once famously predicted—what's in the bill. The Senate will vote on amendments to the White House small business bill that would rescind an ObamaCare mandate that companies track and submit to the IRS all business-to-business transactions over $600 annually."

In ads: Grassley loves the Twitter.

Chief Medicare Actuary: White House health savings estimate "not meaningful," gives inaccurate impression.

Bill Clinton and Bloomberg doing robo-calls for Rangel.

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