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10:17 AM, Jan 15, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Axelrod elevates Rove in WaPo op-ed that takes the tone of a 9th-grader's burn book: "Rove has some impressive campaign victories to his credit. But given the shape in which the last administration left this country, I'm not sure I would solicit his advice. And given the backhanded advice he offered, I'm not sure he was all that eager to help."

You'd think if he was going to devote a whole op-ed, he'd have cited one fact Rove got wrong, huh?

Aww, White House carves out deal exempting most union Cadillac health-care plans from taxes: "Democrats couldn’t eliminate the tax on union members’ high-cost insurance policies altogether but did put off the effective date until 2018, but only for labor agreements and state and local government workers."

There have been eleven days of close polls in Massachusetts. Have Dems woken up?

Heart-warming: 81-year-old man scares off armed home invaders with his gun. He was unharmed.

The great miscalculation: "Honorable and intelligent people can disagree over the substance and details of what President Obama and congressional Democrats are trying to do on health care reform and climate change. But nearly a year after Obama's inauguration, judging by where the Democrats stand today, it's clear that they have made a colossal miscalculation."

Dems claim they'll have a health-care deal this weekend.Martha Coakley's tone deafness is not new.Damaged: "In an emotional talk with other Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee this week, North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy said the protracted debate is hurting him so badly back home that he might as well retire if it drags on much longer."Not encouraging: "Well, let me tell you something. If Republicans want to campaign against what we've done by standing up for the status quo and for insurance companies over American families and businesses, that is a fight I want to have. (Applause.) … And that's why I'll be out there waging a great campaign from one end of the country to the other, telling Americans with insurance or without what they stand to gain..."

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